Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yes I know, it has been forever. I'm an absolute TERRIBLE blogger...one day I'll be great at it :) 2010 has held the most changes and the most up's and down's I think I've ever gone through at this point in my life. In January I got divorced and after healing from the hurt and anger I can see that what I thought was the worst day of my life actually was the best. Thank God for blessings in disguise. Some of you may think that's rude or cold-hearted but anyone that truly knows me and knows the trials I went through during my marriage will know it truly is the best thing that I'm now divorced.
I moved home to Heber in January but wasn't happy. I think the shock of everything and not really having any other option but to move home fueled my unhappiness. By March I was living in Harrisville (Ogden) in a 3 bedroom townhouse, working and going to school. At the time of the move I felt I was doing the "right" thing but a few weeks after I started having a "twinge" that maybe I acted a little too brash and made a hasty and somewhat horrible decision.
Needless to say that 5 months later (give or take a few days) I'm back in Heber and it just feels right! I'm currently looking for a job, anything will do for right now. I'm truly so blessed to have the wonderful family that I have. The support and love that I felt and feel everyday is truly heaven sent. Things get chaotic and let's face it with 2 women and 2 teenage girls in the house can you really expect less? :)
I'm so excited for this new chapter in my life. For the opportunity to get back to my roots and start a life here. The opportunity to find a man that will be an amazing husband. The opportunity to "do things right" this time and go through the temple... these are all hopes and dreams and goals for me. Some might come true and others might not but what's life if you can't dream?
This past weekend I was able to attend the demolition derby and WHAT A FUN NIGHT! I haven't been to the Heber derby in probably 7 years and it was a blast! It was so good to see people I haven't seen for a while and also just to know the people that were actually competing in the derby. Heber is home and I never want to leave again ;)